Welcome to my website

Saturday 2nd August 2008

All of my scrap kits have now moved to their new permanent home. I have even started to put up my kits that should of been put up last year! Now thats what i call progress!! You never know I might actually finishing updating a whole part of my webstuff!

Sunday 20th April 2008

Two new tutorials added today called:-

Using tubes to make a tag


Tuesday 1st April 2008

Im still busy rebuilding just not my site!! Home life has taken over and renovations on the house are coming along nicely

Im trying to do bits as and when I get time. I have been making scrapkits and writing tutorials in the free time that I have been getting. As soon as I get time I will start to load them up.

I have posted two new tutorials today called:-

Beginners Simple Tag

and Easy Framing

Please visit back often to watch my site evolve.

Hugs, Shelley xx